Is there anything more fun that finding out that you just won a great prize. Whether it be money or a gadget or something else. Winning prizes is fun. And I think that giving them away is also pretty fun as well. I’ve given away Flickr Pro Accounts, Kodak Gallery Gift Certificates, Soda Makers and even XShots.

Running a contest is pretty simple or can be complicated. I ran a really complicated one last month but it had great results for what I wanted to accomplish. This month I am running two contests. One contest is with and the other one I’m running myself. So far the response has been decent for my pirates contest but not for the XShot. I hope that more people apply for that one.

On another note my friend Scott from Scottpot just won an iPhone. How sweet is that!

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No Responses to “Contests: I love winning stuff”

  1. Scott Schroeder says:

    Drew, yeah you right, your contests rock!! I don’t have an xshot but, I am definitely going to get in on this pirate gigg of yours. Have a great weekend!



  2. Drew says:

    Thanks Scott. Gotta get yourself an XShot. I’m looking forward to your entry for the Pirates contest.