Continuing to Prep for Painting

Photo-A-Day #2287

As the week continues so does our preparations around the house for painting. There is a whole lot more than just buying a bucket and slapping it on the walls. Painting on any wall I’ve ever done requires a ton of steps. If there was wallpaper on the walls then there are even more steps to follow. Remove Wallpaper, Wash walls, Fix holes and cracks, sand walls, re-check for cracks, re-sand, tape molding, floors etc, prime and then paint. That’s how you do it right and that’s how my Dad taught me. And that is why the walls that we paint stay looking good for years.

While I primed the walls in the Nursery and the Master Bedroom and then Eva’s Room Dad added the wainscoting the the walls of the office and added a chair rail and even more. It it starting to look great in there.

I added More new photos to my New House Remodeling set.

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