Controlling Focus with Instagram

Photo-A-Day #2382

Playing around more with my new iPhone 4S. I shot today’s photo with the camera and then loaded it in Instagram to add some touches to it like shifting the focus of the image. The original image is completely sharp but with Instagram I can blur part of the image and then select exactly where I want it to be sharp. This adds a more dynamic feel to the image overall. You can see the original image below.

Today I came home from work. Slept in the car for 20 minutes before church, attended Church with Allison and Eva, visited my parents for a bit and then went home to sync the iPhone and run over to the Southern New England Media Makers meeting at Morin’s.

Southern New England Media Makers is a group of individuals who get together to discuss the latest projects that they are working on and share ideas. My friend James Jones also got an iPhone 4S and so the two of us exchanged some ideas and tricks to the device. He taught me that you can use Focus Lock on the camera. That was a great thing to learn. I used that tip when I shot today’s photo. I plan on doing a photo shoot at the zoo with just the iPhone soon, that should be fun.

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