Counting Raindrops on Lily Petals

Photo-A-Day #2270

Worked all night, came home to Allison and Eva asleep or at least resting quietly in the bedrooms. I didn’t want to wake them so I watched a Transformers Prime episode on the DVR. I’m really enjoying this show and wished that it was on 5 days a week because waiting for it each Saturday is tough. The same thing goes for G.I. Joe Renegades. I think these shows are both smartly done and are very entertaining.

Partway through the episode Eva woke up and she was able to name all of the characters. I was so proud. I mean, if I can name all the My Little Ponies the least she can do is recognize Optimus Prime in all his forms.

I tried to sleep but it just wouldn’t come. I kept waking up over and over. Finally I got up took a shower and went over to the new house. Allison and Eva were at my sister Shelby’s bridal shower. When the shower was done they popped over to the house to take a look at the paint chips against the walls that we picked out on Thursday. Eva is now back on board with having her room painted. Allison found some adorable wall stickers that we can put on Eva’s walls and give them a whimsical look.

I went over because tomorrow is trash day and I have to start putting out one bulky item each week to effectively get rid of the kitchen cabinets that were put up in the garage. Apparently I can put out one bulky item and one bag of trash each week. I can also buy more bags at local stores to put out any excess trash. I bought a set of five bags and used two of them to bag up the trash that the former owner put into the barrels. I’m now crossing my fingers that the bag I put out gets taken because it is very heavy. It basically has everything I sucked up with the vacuum over the past few days. The stuff from the garage is the heavy stuff so the bag is very, very heavy. I fully expect the trash guys to knock on the door and say, “Are you Serious?”

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  1. It seems that you and Eva have a great relationship, which is nice to see. I think it should be put into law that everyone should know who optimus prime is. Thanks for sharing.

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