Country Bob’s Spicy Sauce

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I was asked if I was interested in testing out a bottle of Country Bob’s sauce. I had tried the original flavor before and liked it so when I was asked if I wanted a bottle I requested the spicy sauce instead. My contact at Country Bob’s was very happy to send me the spicy sauce as well as the original sauce to try out and compare.

I picked up a couple of steaks the other day because even though Country Bob’s is an All-Purpose Sauce I like it mostly on meat. Also steak was on sale. I like when things are on sale. Allison broiled up the steaks and I enjoyed my Country Bob’s accompanying my meal. The spicy sauce was what I expected and I was pleased. I love spicy things and so giving a little kick to my meal was very enjoyable.

Country Bob’s has a nice taste, there is a slight fruity tang to the flavor. It is not too thick and not too thin either. There was good heat to the spicy sauce too. I’ll be trying both sauces with my future meals as well as with many of the recipes that are on the Country Bob’s website.

I was provided with 4 bottles of Country Bob’s to try and to talk about, the opinions are %100 mine. If you want to try this for yourself they have a Free Bottle offer on the website.

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