Cousin Paige’s Wedding

Photo-A-Day #3003

Tonight we celebrated the wedding of my cousin Paige to her fiance Nick. I was asked to be the photographer for the event. I had done my cousin Erin’s wedding three years ago. I can’t believe it was so long ago already and I occasionally shoot photos at other weddings as well. But for both Erin and Paige’s weddings I was the photographer for the event. It is a lot of pressure to capture a special day for someone but, hopefully I looked like I took it in stride. That is when I wasn’t sweating like crazy and wiping my forehead and head with paper towels.

The wedding was at Water’s Edge Resort and Spa in Connecticut. Allison and I got a sitter for the kids for overnight and drove down in the afternoon. This was our first time leaving the kids overnight with a sitter. We had two sitters actually, twin sisters who did a great job. Allison and I got down to the resort, checked in and then I got ready to start taking photos. I had been nervous about the performance of my Nikon D80 and this past week I bought a new camera. Last night when I was preparing all my equipment went and dusted off the sensor on the D80 for the first time and decided that it would remain my primary camera. Now, about a flash. It was a night wedding so I was going to need a good flash. I own a flash but when I put in new batteries it did not come on. So I ran out and bought a new one. I tried other avenues but they did not work. I got a Nikon one, an SB700 and it is pretty nice. When I got home I put in the high performance batteries and tried them out in the old flash, still didn’t work. I hit the side, it turned on. Still, I wasn’t going to chance using it, but brought it just in case.

The wedding party had their photos done before the ceremony. We took the photos out behind the building overlooking the water and where the ceremony was being set up. I took a ton of photos and had to get creative in making sure that people in the background weren’t showing up in the photos. I know I’m going to have a lot of Photoshop time ahead of me.

It was a very nice ceremony and wedding. We had a great time and partied until very late into the evening. Our family knows how to shut a place down.

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