Coyotes and Garden State

This one is for Rick…. Garden State comes out on DVD on December 28th. So its time to get out the ugly shirts and shout into the Abyss. This fantastic movie that I can’t say enough about is hitting stores next Tuesday. Another bit of entertainment news would be the release of the the short lived (4 or 5 episodes) series called Wonderfalls. Well the complete series (unfortunately only a scant 13 episodes were taped) comes out on DVD on February 1, 2005.

And I will also mention three other DVD sets that I saw yesterday at Target that you may want to pick up before the next time I do 80’s TV trivia (Althought Season one of the Dukes was from 1979, I remember watching that show with my friend Kevin Cryan.). Those would be season one of Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider and The A-Team. I also threw in Season Two of the Dukes and an Unofficial Guide to the Knight Rider Universe because that makes me laugh. I dug deeper into this item and found the complete synopsis of every one of the Knight Rider episodes. 90 in all plus the synopsis of the Knight Rider 2000 movie. Knight Rider Episode List.

And since I looked up the guides for Knight Rider I thought I’d look up the Dukes and A-Team as well. Guess what The Dukes had 147 episodes over 7 seasons plus 2 TV movies. Epidose Guide for the Dukes of Hazzard. And of Course the A-Team Episode List. 98 Episodes over 5 seasons, no movies and no plans for a Big Screen movie but just wait it may happen.

The Website TV Tome is a great resource when you have a disagreement about who starred in what show or who was a guest on what show. It is a great resource for the TV enthusiast.

So what does this post have to do with coyotes you ask. I almost clocked one this morning on my way to work. It tore across a busy residential road (Route 85 in Southboro). Man, what a beautiful animal. I’m glad it was quicker than the Civic.

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