Creating Flower Princesses

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I love working the weekend shift. Work for three days off for a week. Repeat. It does get tough because Eva is so used to me being home and then not being able to spend much time with me for a couple of days, even when I am in the house, is tough. Yesterday after we got back from brunch Eva wanted to make Flower Princesses. Allison’s friend Elise had sent Eva a Klutz kit on making Flower Princesses/Fairies/Little Dolls. The kit is for an 8 year old so Eva was going to need some help to do this. She wanted me to make them with her but I had yet to sleep so I promised her an hour of time that we’d make these, that was today.

The kit is really nice. It has everything that you need to make some cute little fairies. The instructions are super easy as well. I cut the wires for arms and legs, glued a few things and then Eva designed the flower petal skirt. I had to explain to her a few times that we had to build from the largest to the smallest so you could see each set of petals. then we had to put the petals on smallest to largest for the same reason. I think that she eventually got it.

She eventually decided that making one fairy was enough for the day and instead helped me for a review/giveaway for Inkoos. She had so much time coloring a purple stuffed owl blue. Not to mention her fingers. That giveaway will go up soon.

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