Dad, Can We Do A Review?

Photo-A-Day #2939

Each Thursday Eva and I work on some reviews for this blog. She really looks forward to this because she can spend special time together with me. I enjoy it because I learn so much about how her imagination works. I’ve noticed how poised she is on camera, too. Allison and I have been saying to ourselves that we need to find her a theater program. She’s so outgoing and oh so dramatic at times. Yesterday we worked on a review because we had some time. We normally reserve our review time for Thursdays but had some extra time this Wednesday. She really blew me away because she insisted upon making a video of the MOTORWORKS cars and trucks. She came up with the whole thing herself, too, off the top of her head. She just impresses me every day with her brilliance.

The photo is of the part two review of our upcoming MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants set Crusher’s Pirate Quest.

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