Daddy Daughter Date Day 2

Daddy Daughter Date Day 2
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A while back Eva and I had a little daddy daughter date day together. We went out to a park and then to Dairy Queen together. Today Allison went out with her friend T.R. looking for dresses and then lunch. So Dada and Eva went out for the day. We started off by going to the car wash. My car had been in need of a wash for quite a long time. We pulled up and saw our friend Mike who is State Trooper. He was just getting home from being on shift for the night. He was talking to another trooper and I pulled up next to Mike’s car. I looked over and waited for the conversation to have an opening and the other trooper looked over at us and was like, “Can I help You” I said that we wanted to see Mike because someone in the car wanted to say hi to him. Mike turned around saw us and I could see the other trooper chill out when he saw that I wasn’t a troublemaker or anything. It must be really tough having that job and having to deal with so much grief and strife on a daily basis.

So anyway we got into the car wash and I thought it would be fun for Eva. I was wrong. There was a guy spraying the car and she started screaming, “no spray Eva.” “Man no spray Eva.” As we got onto the car wash further the big blue cloth towels were slapping into the windshield. She got a little upset but I told her that it was just an octopus. She then said “Octopus” all day. A little Daddy mistake out of the gate but fixed it right away. We then went down to my comic book shop and picked up my comics as well as the next two collections of Y The Last Man.

Then it was over to Capron Park Zoo. We walked around for a while and saw the ducks, and lemurs and llamas. I hadn’t brought change so we weren’t able to get food for the ducks or the llamas. Daddy mistake #2 of the day. I should have planned ahead. We saw the sloth bear and Eva went to the bear cutout and of course looked so cute. We saw the snow leopards and of course the Lions. The lions looked at us like snacks today. So we went and watched the warty pigs. They were wallowing in the mud and enjoying a bit of shade.

I knew I wasn’t get out of the place without letting Eva go for a ride on the mini carousel. So we got a pretzel to split.

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Eva just wanted to get to the carousel so we finished up the pretzel and she went for a little ride. She also wanted to try this little truck that had a gorilla, elephant and giraffe in it. So she sat in grabbed the wheel and I popped in 50 cents and the little truck started to rock and roll. I stepped back to take a photo and I got one photo of Eva before she started to look like she was about to cry. She said, “Don’t Like” and started to climb off. I ran over and got her off the truck.

We left the zoo and went to the playground where Eva climbed all over the jungle gym. She didn’t do the slides today because they were just a bit too hot. But she liked the swings ad we played on those for a while. When we got close to noon we shoot over to McDonald’s for lunch.

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Eva wanted Ice Cream so I wanted to go somewhere fun for her that also had ice cream. We did Dairy Queen last time and we were close to a McDonald’s. It was always in the back of my mind to make sure that our rides in the car were short enough that Eva would not fall asleep. The meal was very nice Eva and I sat in a booth and she did a great job on her lunch as well as with her bottle of milk even with the top open and using a straw. She was great. I got her a happy meal and the kid has enough dolls so I picked the boy toy which was a LEGO racer. She likes those too. After lunch we got some ice cream and enjoyed that together.

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It was getting close to 1:00 so it was time for us to get home quick (make sure she didn’t fall asleep in the car). We did and I spent about a half hour getting her down for a nap and she slept from 2 to 5. She needed that sleep. Apparently I did too because I went to sleep at 3:00 and woke up at 5:00 too. What a great day.

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  1. What a good Daddy you are. Even making a few mistakes, LOL. It happens to all of us. Good thinking on not letting her sleep until you got home. Sounds like a great day. Love the octopus story!
    .-= Look at what Baba wrote blog ..Welcome to FeedBurner =-.

  2. Baba,
    We had a great time. The octopus came up every few minutes. Way too funny. That was the first big word I was ever able to spell too.

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