Daddy Daughter Date – Redneck Edition

Photo-A-Day #2667

If you read my post yesterday you know that Eva has been having a tough time with me being away so much for July. It has been tough for both of us and we haven’t had time together lately. So, I surprised Eva with a morning out together. I got her up and had her go get dressed and we were off. I was going to take her to Morin’s for breakfast and then find something else to do but as I turned the corner she said that she wanted to go to Town Restaurant. We changed direction and then went over to North Attleboro and found Town Restaurant closed. I decided that we would go to Cracker Barrel instead.

I enjoy Cracker Barrel because they have decent bacon. Eva and I split a sunrise sampler. She enjoyed the biscuits very much but partway through the meal she got cold so she sat on my lap the rest of the meal because we didn’t think to bring a sweater because it has been insanely hot and humid. But we got to talk together and just enjoy being together and being able to chat. She asked me why crackers came in barrels. I did some research on Siri to find out why crackers were in barrels. Apparently the cracker barrel at the general store is akin to the water cooler at an office. I still didn’t find out why they were actually in a barrel.

After Cracker Barrel we went to Bass Pro Shops because they have a nature trail and there is so much to see in the building, plus I wanted to get a new fishing license, too. Eva has been asking me to go fishing again and I just haven’t been able to get out and fish yet. I’m figuring that I’ll get more kayaking and fishing starting in September and October once Eva goes back to school. I figure I can drop her at school, go kayak and fish and then pick her back up. Might be a plan for a couple of days each week.

Bass Pro Shop was fun. We walked through to the downstairs and we looked at the turtles and the giant fish tank. Then we walked out back to the cranberry bog. We saw frogs and geese and then we saw three kids leading three miniature horses along the bog to the trail. Eva got to pet each of the horses and she was so excited because they were walking our way so she got to see them throughout our whole walk. It was fun and it took her mind off being tired while walking the trail.

We got back into the store and walked around a bit more. We split a hot pretzel and some water then we walked through the rest of the store and I got my fishing license. Eva charmed pretty much everyone all over the store. It was nice for us to just go out and spend some time and also give Allison a small respite from the 4,000 games of 20 questions she places every day.

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