Daddy was at a Model Shoot
Photo-A-Day #1473

I want to keep practicing the skills I learned this weekend. I think Eva might get a little annoyed with that though. I found that I really enjoyed the model shoot and would like to more of that sort of thing. My friend Andy did some research and found that the models that we photographed yesterday probably came from Model Mayhem.

This wasn’t the first time that I had heard about this site. I met a photographer in LA who worked with many models from the site. I’m not sure I want to sign up or not. I’d like to work with more people, take more photos, learn more and improve my skills. I’m still deciding but I might sign up. I’m also considering Lightroom 2 and maybe some lighting equipment or new lenses. We’ll see.

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9 Responses to “Daddy was at a Model Shoot”

  1. […] Daddy was at a Model Shoot Posted on April 20th, 2009 BenSpark No comments Yesterday I was in Boston for Digital Days and part of the photography workshop was a model shoot. Now I want to use the new skills to take my latest photos. More at…shoot.html […]

  2. Celina says:

    She looks adorable, has model written all over her! I think you did well with the lighting. Portraits are definitely NOT my strong suit. I checked over that website quickly for my area and all that was there was either models looking for a swimsuit shot or photographers looking for nude female models. If your area has a local Strobists group you may check into that or on A lot of local photography clubs work with models to do their meeting shoots.

    Celinas last blog post..Day 262

  3. Drew says:

    I did a targeted search of my area and there were a few models. I’m not looking for swimsuit or nude ones so I really have to weed them out. I’m part of a local photography group but not a strobist group, I should look into that.

  4. lenny says:

    I had a set of novatron lights they are in Minnesota with a friend or I would let you borrow them. What I learned from the big expensive photography school I went to is on a nice day you can do everything you can do with an expensive set of lights with diffusion panels,reflectors, and scrims. It is a much less expensive way to get into the wonderful world of light control and they can be used indoors once you buy expensive lights. Look at Richard Avedon’s outdoor stuff like Dovima and the elephants. I am not sure where to get the elephants but California Sunbounce makes some excellent reflectors.

  5. Drew says:


    Thanks, great suggestions. I don’t understand half of it but will have to look these things up.

  6. Laane says:


    You would make many parents happy with a photo like that.

    Why not ask the local school?

    Laanes last blog post..Entrecard is dying. Only paying elite survives?

  7. Drew says:

    Might be an idea. The local schools have contracts with local photography studios but maybe I can do something.

  8. Anthony says:

    Drew, have you checked out They have an incredible amount of tutorials and information on how to get professional studio lighting using ordinary strobes or on a tight budget. I highly recommend this for anyone interested in photography and lighting. Feel free to contact me directly and ill shoot over some more links that may be of interest to you.

  9. Drew says:

    I’ve heard of strobist but haven’t had the chance to go and check out all that it offers. I need to buckle down on my photography and “focus” on it more.

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