Dance Productions Winter Show 2017

Dance Productions Winter Show
Photo-A-Day #4630

Today was Eva’s annual Winter Dance recital and fundraiser at one of the local school. Each of the classes do a little routine to Christmas music and it is a lot of fun. It is an hour long and afterwards they do a raffle. I was there for the show and then headed home to get some sleep. This has been a poor sleeping weekend. Luckily it is the last weekend of work before a weekend off. I’m looking forward to not being at work for a little bit.

Yesterday I picked up new phones for Allison and I. She has upgraded to the iPhone 8 Plus and I did the Google Pixel 2 XL. They are great new phones. However, I need to spend more time with mine because I thought that I took a video of Eva’s dance but I only turned on the video camera. I totally messed up the video. However, the camera will take motion pictures which means that it takes a picture and also takes a short video before and after so it is only a second or so. I haven’t figured out how to share it correctly yet.

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