Daniel Tiger Makes Labor Day Neighbor Day

Daniel Tiger's Neighbor Day

In our house Daniel Tiger is a saving grace on many occasions. Andrew loves this show he continually asks us for “‘nother D”. He’s just about two years old so he’s learning words and he already knows that Daniel Tiger begins with D and he has shortened the name just to D. We know pretty much all of the episodes by heart. We find ourselves singing the strategies with the kids over and over when we run into those situations. There are moments when people will say a word and it will trigger us into singing those strategies.

Andrew Loves his Daniel Tiger plush.

Daniel Tiger Plush

This Monday, Labor Day, a brand new Daniel Tiger episode is being released. It is a very special episode because it is a double sized episode called Neighbor Day. Neighbor Day starts because Daniel decides to start doing something nice for his neighbors. He and his mother go around town and start giving sunflowers to neighbors but then it builds into Daniel and the kids doing various nice things for each neighbor. It is a cute episode and really encourages people to reach out and do something nice for their neighbor.

We received an advanced screener of the show along with some Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Toys including a small Daniel Tiger plush toy. There are a bunch of fun toys coming out that go along with the show from plushes to playsets and figures.

Daniel Tiger Toys

Don’t miss Daniel Tiger, Neighbor Day, on Labor Day this Monday. There are also some other new episodes coming out that week. Here is a trailer for the Neighbor Day show.

Neighbor Day episode description
In this half hour special Daniel learns how good it feels to be neighborly and that one kind act can lead to many. His first good deed starts a chain reaction of kindness all around the Neighborhood, culminating with the declaration of “Neighbor Day”!

**Strategy: Do something nice for your neighbor.

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