Day 2: At Blog World Expo

I just started the Day at Blog World Expo and saw the keynote with Leo LaPorte. His keynote was excellent and then he was mobbed by a crowd of people. I have to find him and give him my card and tell him about The Wired Kayaker. I think that concept in Podcasting is new and different and he might like hearing about it.

Leo has a bunch of podcasts and you should be watching them and listening to them. I’ll be subscribing and listening from now on. I had heard about Leo through the podcast Geek (I wish Cali Lewis was here I would have loved to have met her.) And anyway Cali has been on Leo’s shows a couple of times and vice versa. I would also encourage you to go to

Leo also talked about Roz Savage. This woman rowed across the Atlantic. Rowed, as in a rowboat. Mind you it was freaking huge but my god the woman is amazing! Leo mentioned her because she is going to row across the pacific and blog it the whole time. She blogged her row across the Atlantic to. I need to go read more about her.

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2 thoughts on “Day 2: At Blog World Expo”

  1. Cali,
    If you had been there it would have totally made the event for me. I respect the podcasts that you do and you and Neil would have been fantastic speakers for new podcasters. I really wish you had been there. I want to thank you in person for the inspiration that you have been to my podcasting (as non existent as it is these days.) But either way you and Neil put out a high quality product that you should be very proud of.

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