Well Day 2 of the 3-Day walk is finished. Allison is out there giving it her all. I am so proud of all the work that she has done thus far. Sherrie is walking hard too, her parents came up from New Jersey and surprised her today. I was cheering with Dan (Al’s dad) and Harry (Sherrie’s husband) and Steven (Sherrie’s Son) and Otis (Sherrie’s dad) and Elaine (Sherrie’s mom). Allison’s friend T.R. is also walking and sticking with Allison each day.

Today’s cheering section was better than yesterdays. More people. I picked up a wipe off board for inspiring messages and I had gotten some Bang Sticks from the Wolves game last night, but left them in Alicia’s car. Hopefully I can get them for tomorrow. Great job walkers!!

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