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Photo-A-Day #2820

A quiet morning around the house. I played Skylanders on the Wii U. Loaded all the figures into the game and then leveled up Swarm (Eva’s favorite one) on the gamepad. Eva was at my parents and we were picking her up in time to go see the movie Wreck-It Ralph at the Cinema Pub.

When we picked her up she had to show us that she was wearing a pretty pink dress. This was the dress that my sister Tara wore as a Junior Bridesmaid at my Aunt’s wedding. Eva loved wearing it and playing dress up. I made the Instagram photo look like it was the 70’s. You know, the era from when that was last worn.

Eva’s been wanting to see the movie Wreck-It Ralph for quite a while. I wasn’t sure if she’d be able to handle the Cybugs parts of the movie but she did great. We met up with my friend Derek and his son, Nicholas. They enjoyed the movie as well. For some reason this movie really hits me, especially at the end as Ralph is reciting the bad-anon affirmation. That is so moving a moment in the movie and it gets me every time.

We made a family trip to Target to pick up some household supplies. Eva also picked up a couple of LEGO minifigs for me. She wanted to get me a gift. While she doesn’t quite realize that it is my money that she used to buy my gifts, but it is the thought that counts.

We came home and Eva and I tried playing LEGO Batman 2 and Epic Mickey 2. Of the two games LEGO Batman is one that she’s able to play pretty well but playing Epic Mickey 2 together doesn’t quite work. The games are still outside of her abilities at this time. We’ll try out some of the Nintendo 3DS games soon and maybe those are more her speed.

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