Demo, Remod, Moving….

Here is a story about friends who can help you out. Yesterday Allison and I had Andy and Rondi over for dinner. I made that second steak, no pictures but it looked just as good and the new marinade from McCormicks was fantastic. Andy and Rondi also came over to help us tear the wallpaper off our old bedroom walls. Thank you so much guys! Here is what the bedroom walls used to look like.

Before the Destruction

And then we let Andy and Rondi tear off the wallpaper.

Rondi Likes Demo
Rondi enjoys the demo work.

Andy is Demo King
Andy sizes up the project and goes to town.

While they were tearing off wallpaper I was moving things to the middle of the room. They worked so quickly and efficiently that they all the wallpaper off the walls in less than an hour and then I cleaned and vacuumed up everything. I felt like Tom Sawyer getting his friends to whitewash the fence. By the time I had gotten all the prep stuff done they were totally finished. I only stopped to take a couple of pictures too.

So here is the room in four corners now that it is complete.

Corner Shot 1
Corner #1

Corner Shot 2
Corner #2

Corner Shot 3
Corner #3, opposite Corner #1

Corner Shot 4
Corner #4 opposite Corner #2

So that is that, the wallpaper is down in the old bedroom and we are steps closer to making that room our new living room. We have to get rid of all the stuff, (two night tables, a large dresser with huge mirror and shelves, a medium 5 drawer dresser and a tall skinny dresser.) Next Step is prep for priming the walls.

At work I have to move my desk. So I have to fit all of this

My Desk at work

Into a couple of these.

All those toys

And keep them under my new desk till I make the move to our new floor.

John picked my up some new Transformers and Cars toys. He got me Ravage – A Jaguar and Rumble – a Civic Si. Then he got me the Mike and Sully and the Luigi and Guido sets from Cars. I set out the two transformers before I took the shot of the desk. I have 25 of the Alternators on the desk. Rumble is #24 and Ravage is #26. Which one was #25. I seem to be missing one. I think it was the Nemesis Prime one that was black that you could only get online or through San Diego Comicon. Dang exclusives!

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