Did the Love Last…

Photo-A-Day #3044

Tonight we went to the free concert in the park that are put on every Thursday in the Summer. It was something very nice to go and do. I just wish that I was in a better mood when we went. I was out of sorts because of the weather. While it was fairly nice the humidity returned and I was back to sweating for no reason. Then while we listened to the music Andrew kept running off. He’s getting even faster and of course he heads right for the shelter where the musicians were playing. Problem is, there is a road there where cars come in to park. So, I was chasing after Andrew to keep him from running into the road.

Eva was a whirling dervish as well and while she danced around and had fun she was also, well, being a kid. Sometimes when I’m grumpy I have a hard time just appreciating that kid way of doing things. She was fascinated with a tree that she called the shaggy tree. It was an interesting tree, sort of like a weeping willow but not. The branches hung down to the ground and the whole tree had carvings on it, some were around for a long time. I noticed the one in the photo because of the heart.

We’ll probably go back for another concert this Summer, and hopefully I won’t be so grouchy.

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