Clay Dragons
Photo-A-Day #4309

The kids were busy today. They were crafty, too. Eva has some modeling clay and she made a couple of dragons. She made one for herself, the one in the egg and one for Andrew. The image doesn’t do justice to how intricate she actually made the little dragon. Then she made one for Andrew and he painted it. I have a couple of crafty kids.

During a single week I film and produce up to 17 videos across 4 channels. Two I own, one I am a partner on and the other I am a guest host and the film crew. It is buys but I love doing it. My personal channels are this one and Big Damn Kid (link below). I am a co-host of the weekly show, SteamDads and I often do episodes of Built From Bricks with my buddy Brian. I’ve been doing this even more with him and we’re going to go to Philly BrickFest Live together in April.

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