Did you spend on Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

I did the Black Friday thing from home this year and did nothing on Cyber Monday. I know, I need to plan much better next year so I can take advantage of the killer deals that were going on each of those days.

I made out pretty well by shopping online at Office Depot. They had the same deals as their Black Friday flyer in the store and online. I was able to snatch up two microSD/MiniSD/SD cards that were 2GB each. We are going to be using them in our new EnV phones when we can actually buy those phones. My contract is up in January and then I can start a new one. I am looking forward to unlimited texts, pix, and flix all over the place. And with the new EnV I am going to make use of all the great features.

One of the features is bluetooth. I also picked up two bluetooth headsets. This was in part due to the fact that my current phone. The evil little bastard, isn’t working correctly with a wired headset and I can’t use the speakers on the phone itself. It is weird, I’ve done the hard reset a number of times and it hasn’t worked. I’m toughing it out for another month or so.

Despite my poor planing I think I did make out pretty well on Black Friday.

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