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Photo-A-Day #1850

A pretty quiet day down around here. Early church and then to the supermarket. We did a huge shopping over at Shaws. We’re still working off the gift cards that we bought last month. While at the store we ended up saving $79.00 what with all the deals on meat and the use of competitors coupons. We made out pretty well, and once again it was because we have been doing meal plans and a cash budget each month. Just paying attention to where our money goes each month causes us to protect it more and make better decisions.

When we returned home we had lunch and then Eva and I went back to play in the back yard. Eva has a cute little sand and water table that we played with for a while. I’m amazed by how well she works on her own when you just let her be. She makes up stories, tries out curious things and played pretty well on her own. She did a fair amount of self play today: coloring, princesses and reading.

While she played Allison and I worked on the budget using Mint.com. I kept trying to use the budget with Microsoft Money but it keeps crashing. The program has been crashing for years too, the most stable was probably Microsoft Money 3, and it is not being supported at all anymore anyway.

Photo Information

Date Taken:May 2, 2010
Camera: Motorola
Model: Droid
ISO: 45
Exposure: 1/334sec
Aperture: 2.8
Focal Length: N/A
Flash Used: No
Software: Default Camera
Lens: Default Camera

Mint.com is a pretty easy place to get around and it is good for a free budgeting tool. We’ll be using that for now. I did like the online tools for FPU but decided not to continue with it because it was $67.00 a year. Not a heck of a lot of money but if I can run the budget on Mint.com that is all the better. Thursday is our last class and we are pretty excited about it. I made up a video of us shredding up the cards and the offers to go into debt that we all receive almost every day.

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