Digital Days Boston - Model Shoot
Photo-A-Day #1472

Today was the second day of the Digital Photography Seminar, Digital Days. It was really pretty amazing. I’ve never done a model shoot and it was really fun. I learned from great tips and tricks. I also learned that I need to upgrade some of my equipment and software.

After the model shoot John Omvik took us through Adobe Lightroom 2. I was drooling over what you can do with that program.

I came home and spent three hours pouring over my photos to get a few good ones to show you. The major problem I had was my workflow is slow, my photos had too much camera shake (we had to shoot freehand, no tripods) and I wanted to look at what I got closely, I filled two memory cards. So it was a great time!

Here are the rest of my favorite shots from Digital Days Boston.

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12 Responses to “Digital Days Boston – Model Shoot”

  1. […] Digital Days Boston – Model Shoot Posted on April 19th, 2009 BenSpark No comments Digital Days Part 2. I go back to Boston for a day of education and a model shoot. These are the photos I got from the day. More at…shoot.html […]

  2. Celina says:

    You captured some great shots. I am jealous, I bet it was a ton of fun and information overload. I just started using Lightroom 2 and I will NEVER go back. I made the mistake of using the free trail and I was hooked, there was no way I could not use it.

  3. Chica says:

    FANTASTIC work Drew! 🙂

    Chicas last blog post..Fallen V2

  4. Drew says:

    I think that would be the same for me. I was processing my shots in elements last night and it took so long compared to what I saw. I’ve got the bug.

  5. Drew says:

    Thanks very much Chica. I had a great time doing this.

  6. Drew your photos are amazing! What fun to learn to do portraits – and your models were so professional looking!

    Heather in Beautiful BCs last blog post..I Love Twitter Contests!

  7. Alli says:

    love the pictures. I have wanted to get my hands on lightroom 2, but you have to pay for it. Oh well, I still get along well with picnik and photoshop.

    Allis last blog post..Ten, tien, dix, zehn, dieci, dez

  8. Drew says:

    I would hope that they were professional looking since they were professional models. 🙂

    Thanks for the nice words about my photos, I am in need of a new lens and some other things to really get going and serious.

  9. Drew says:

    I am able to get LightRoom 2 for $50 off because I went to the show. I may end up buying it but I only have 7 days to decide. I’ve been putting money away for lenses and other photography related equipment, this might be just the thing I need.

  10. Andrea says:

    I also tried the trial of Lightroom and liked it. I ran out of trial time though…

    It’s definitely an adjustment from Photoshop Elements.

    Andreas last blog post..To flash or not to flash…using available light

  11. Drew says:

    It is certainly an adjustment but with the demo yesterday I got it, I understood what I could do with it and I liked it.

  12. Georgetta says:

    A buddy encoraged me to read this website, nice post, fascinating read… keep up the nice work!

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