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It is time again for a contest. This time I have a great sponsor in Digital Days. Digital Days is a two day workshop for new photographers that travels around the country to 18 cities a year. The workshops have a beginner day (Day 1) and an intermediate day (Day 2). Here is the Digital Days schedule.

DAY 1 – Learn the Basics
Inspiration, Fun, Cool things you can do with Photography

Digital Fundamentals
* Learn about all the necessary digital photography techniques and terms, from scene modes, manual modes, ISO and depth of field, and everything in-between
* Learn how the fundamental settings affect the shot you want to get
* This session builds a strong foundation of digital photo knowledge

Taking Better Pictures
* Explore composition and subject
* Different shooting styles from landscape to macro

After the shot
* Get familiar with a basic digital workflow
* Learn some editing tricks
* Printing and sharing options!
* Create calendars and postcards. And so much more!

Plus a Live Q&A!

DAY 2 – Beyond the Basics
Here’s how to make great pictures, and what to do with them

Expanding the Fundamentals
* Brief review from Day 1
* Examine light & composition, subject, color & movement
* Advanced camera functions
* Exposure modes
* Analyzing the histogram

Live Shooting
* Live model shoot! Lighting is set up and we have several model stations
* Our instructors are available throughout the shoot to answer your questions

Image Critique
* Various attendee images from the model shoot are critiqued live by our instructors

Digital Workstation/Workflow
* How to organize your workstation/color calibration
* Build a foundation of digital organizational techniques
* Tagging, metadata, etc…

Advanced Editing
* Color Management
* Skin Tone
* Digital Darkroom

Plus a Live Q & A!

Now that is a pretty jam packed couple of days. Even though this event is geared toward the beginner I know it is going to be something that I will get a ton of knowledge from. I’m pretty much a guy who just shoots pictures. I don’t know all the fundamentals yet. I really think that this would be a great learning experience for anyone who isn’t a complete expert.

Digital Days is more than the 2-Day Workshop

A visit to the Digital Days website will show you that Digital Days extends beyond the 2-day workshops. There is an archive of helpful videos with great digital photo tips. There is a monthly newsletter with updates from the instructors (Phil Mistry, Leslie Fisher and John Omvik) and past Digital Days alumni. There is even an Alumni group on FaceBook. The event is sponsored by Sony and presented by Popular Photography.

Because I thought I’d have a great time and learn a lot while at Digital Days I asked for a pass and not only got one for myself but Six additional passes for my readers.

I’m Giving Away Six 2-Day Passes for Digital Days

I have been given six two-day passes for my readers. That is one 2-day pass per remaining Digital Days event. Digital Days will be taking place at these Digital Days locations.

  • Palm Springs , CA – April 4 & 5, 2009
  • Boston, MA – April 18 & 19, 2009
  • San Francisco, CA – April 25 & 26, 2009
  • New York, NY – May 16 & 17, 2009
  • Nashville, TN – May 30 & 31, 2009
  • Atlanta, GA – June 6 & 7, 2009

How To Enter

If you are interested in entering this contest you’re going to need to pick your best photo and post it to the BenSpark’s Digital Days Photo Contest Group on Flickr between March 15 and March 31st. Flickr is free, and the group is a public group so anyone can join and submit 1 photo to the pool. So make sure it is a good one.

The Photos will be judged by a group of online photographers that I know who unfortunately can’t make it to any of the locations. (I’m looking for volunteers to help judge, by being a judge you are ineligible to participate)

Some Rules:
* Photos can be uploaded to the Flickr Group from March 16- March 31st 11:59pm EST.

* When leaving your photo on the BenSpark’s Digital Days Photo Contest Group specify which location you would like a Digital Days 2-Day pass for. You have to be able to attend the event in order to win.

* One photo entry per person. Winning photos will be displayed in a post so please allow me access to post the winning photos on

* While I’m are not offended by it, I cannot accept photos that contain any nudity.

* Winners will be selected based on several criteria including, originality, theme, technical & artistic details, story, and visual impact.

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19 Responses to “BenSpark’s Digital Days Photo Contest”

  1. smilieshorts says:

    I would love to enter but can’t attend any of those so guess I won’t. 🙁 I will however go and check out their site. Thanks!

  2. Drew says:

    Would you like to be one of the judges?

  3. smilieshorts says:

    for the contest? sure 🙂

  4. stephen says:

    Are we allowed to post process the picture in this contest? I would assume adjusting things like white balance are allowed but sticking in a stock sunset would be unethical. Am I correct in this or is it a free for all?

    Also are HDR images allowed or pseudo HDR?


  5. Drew says:


    Yes, for the contest, that would be fantastic. I will really appreciate it.

  6. Drew says:


    Please submit your best shot. You may interpret that as you wish. Since I did not impose those rules when I set up the contest I cannot impose them now.

    However, if anyone creates a shot with a dropped in sunset and it is really obvious that they dropped it in then their photo is probably not that good overall.

    So in answer to your question “Free for All”

  7. Drew says:

    It will be a really fun event, I would love to have you as one of the judges if you feel you couldn’t make the ATL one.

  8. I wish I could participate, but there’s no way I’d make it to San Francisco. Boo.

    Good luck and get cracking, everyone! 🙂

    Bryan Villarins last blog post..Not much else to do

  9. Drew says:


    Is palm springs too far? You could try for that one. If it is too far would you like to be a judge? Also would you do me a favor and let your readers know about this contest. You know more folks in CA than I ever would. Thanks.

  10. @Drew,

    Oh yeah. Nah, that’d still be too far and I have plans on that Saturday.

    I’ll totally be cool with being a judge, thanks!

    And yes, I’ll absolutely write about this contest.

    You’re awesome, Drew. No, really.

    Bryan Villarins last blog post..Not much else to do

  11. Drew says:

    Bryan, that is wonderful. Thanks so much for helping me out, I think I’m ready to roll with three great judges. I’ll have to write a judges post next. I’ll do that one up tomorrow. And back at you for the awesome.

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  17. celinet says:


    i’m not reading any dimensions requirement, so i guess i can safely assume there’s no minimum size…

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