Diminishing Perspective

Photo-A-Day #1735

This sheet of ice and snow slipped off of our window unit air conditioner and stayed perpendicular to the roof. It stayed like that all day because the temperature is holding steady at cold. But that snow won’t stay there like that forever. Temperature, the sun and time will wear it down back into water and then also to gas. And one day it will be snow again.

Do you have the ability to be like all forms of water. This means having the ability to be solid like ice, smooth like liquid and ubiquitous like gas.


As a blogger do you have strength in your convictions? Do you put out content filled with your true thoughts and feelings. Are you completely honest with your audience. Today I’m having a hard time coming up with a good blog post. I have this idea about the water thing but it is hard to pull it all together. But, I’m going to work through it and tell you what I think these things mean to me and I hope that it resonates with you as well. That is the honest truth.


Even though you might be strong in your convictions to you leave yourself open to differing opinions? Can you see both sides of the story? Being able to look at things from multiple angles and understand many options is a great tool for bloggers? When you are writing there are so many things to consider. You must consider your audience and being able to write good content that appeals to those who read your words. Being hard nosed on one issue might alienate your audience and on the other hand being to wishy washy could also alienate them.


Water in the gaseous form is ubiquitous, it is everywhere, all around us. We can’t see or touch it but it is still everywhere. It is possible for you to be everywhere too. One way to do that is to grow bigger ears according to Chris Brogan. That way you can be everywhere, aware of what is happening all around you and when you suddenly give an insightful comment seemingly out of nowhere like a surgical thundershower then you’ve arrived and can truly be like water.

What do you think? Did this make sense to you? Do you have anything to add?

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7 thoughts on “Diminishing Perspective”

  1. I know I’ve been slacking with the blog reading, but I just stopped by to say hi and see exactly what snowshoeing is all about.

    Also, I LOVE the calendar- are you putting out a new print one this year?

    1. Dina,
      I didn’t make a print one this year. There was really no interest in it so I decided not to do it. Now, if I am able to at the end of this year make a calendar that looks like my shuttercal then I’d be all over it that way you could get every photo from the past year.

      Thanks for stopping by and checking the place out. I went snowshoeing 1st thing this morning and it was so awesome.

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