Dining fun…

I went to the Elephant Bar for dinner tonight. There is an eclectic mix of Pacific Rim dishes and African decor. It is an interesting place. I wasn’t very hungry and wanted to leave room for Cold Stone Creamery for dessert so I got a coconut shrimp skewer appetizer and a lettuce wedge salad for dinner. Some good stuff.

The presentation of the shrimp was beautiful. So I snapped a shot of it to share with you. And it did taste as good as it looked. The service was a bit slow but good overall. The lettuce wedge salad was not anything special.

After dinner I walked over to the Cold Stone Creamery. Oh my word that place is awesome. I made a sweet concoction of exactly what I wanted in my ice cream. I said to the person behind the counter that I was going to make it up as I went along. She smiled at that and said, “Show me what you got.” I started with a base of Strawberry ice cream. I decided on the “”I love it” size (medium) and picked heath bar as my first Mix-in. Oreo was my next choice and I wasn’t stopping there. I asked her to put in roasted almonds and white chocolate chips and then real strawberries to round out the creation. All of that served up in a waffle dish. And It tasted delicious.

The emphasis in this place is on fun. And I had alot of fun making my creation as well as eating it. I think I have my new favorite ice cream place.

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