Dinner Date with Andrew
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Sometimes on a Tuesday, Andrew and I get dinner after karate class. That is, if he has behaved in such a way that reflects a Black Belt. And to be honest, sometimes when I just don’t want to do anything else. Tuesday is one of those nights where too much is happening. Eva has dance and Andrew has karate. The family meets at the house briefly and then Andrew and I fly out the door. Allison and Eva have a little time to breathe before they are off to dance. Andrew and I get home first and usually watch a show or play or something till Allison and Eva return.

Tonight Andrew and I went to Emma’s in Norton because Tuesday night’s kids get free hot fudge sundaes and they also provide you with a basket of popcorn (or two) before your meal. The food is delicious and plentiful, too. You should see the kids Mac and Cheese. Always some left over.

When we got there no one was in the dining room. We picked a seat and sat down. the waitress came in and said that the lights were too bright and that she’d lower them. Someone else who worked there came in and said, that is too low. They are father and son, they’re not on a date. Andrew was tickled by this even though he doesn’t quite know what a date is. This was the first thing that he told Allison about dinner. It was cute and funny. Andrew was also cracking me up during dinner. I’m glad for that because often times I am too uptight to really appreciate how funny he can be. Granted, he always takes it too far. But, it was a nice dinner with Andrew, something we don’t do as much of these days with himin school. I do miss all that one on one time together.

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