Dinobots in Transformers 3?

Dinobots in Transformers 3?
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This is purely speculation on my part but I think that the next fan favorite that needs screen time would be the Dinobots. The problem is that Michael Bay will certainly make them his own and in that case means screw them up.

I think that Bay likes to reuse footage or designs so ultimately Grimlock will probably look exactly like the T-Rex from Jurassic Park. It may not be the worst thing ever, I just hope that they keep my favorite Dinobot, Slag (renamed Snarl after Slag began being used as a swear word int he Transformers universe.) as Slag and as a triceratops that shoots flames from his mouth and horns.

As you can tell slow day in the imagination front. I’ve actually been up since 3 or so because I was having a dream about not being able to shut my car alarm off only to wake up to the sound of a constant car alarm. Then I went back to sleep into the same dream and this time a different car alarm was going off that I again could not shut off. And yes it was a real second car alarm going off. Annoying.

Well, I am off to Melrose for a 4 hour meeting 6-10pm for something that I signed a NDA so that is all I can say about that.

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