Dinotrux are Back and now they are Supercharged! #StreamTeam

Dinotrux Supercharged

A brand new Dinotrux series has begun, Dinotrux Supercharged debuted on Friday.

When I first learned about Dinotrux I was so excited. This is a cool combination of Dinosaurs and construction vehicles. It is such a cool concept and the designs of each character were excellent. I’ve enjoyed watching the show. Now there is a whole new series that continues the adventure of the past five seasons of the show. the new series is called Dinotrux Supercharged and you have to access it differently then Dinotrux, The show can be found on netflix at Dinotrux Supercharged.

In Dinotrux Supercharged , Ty, Revvit and the trux gang discover that supercharger bitbugs that can make the trux bigger and stronger have been released in the crater. The trux gang harness the bitbugs’ power and find themselves transformed into all new supercharged avatars – faster, better and more powerful than ever before. Tricked out with cool, new supercharged features, the trux can perform supersized building and rescues and join together to stand up to their nemesis – D-Structs to protect the crater from destruction. This all-new series will present our favorite Dinotrux characters with a never-seen-before faster, bigger, better and stronger look as they come together to show us the true meaning of friendship, unity and teamwork.

Meet Xee

We have not kept up with each season of Dinotrux. We absolutely loved the first season and watched the second but then, while we still enjoyed the show, we got behind. Now, this all new series looks really interesting and I may have to go back and re-watch the series that came before it. I think this may be the first Netflix series that has been re-launched as a new series. I could be wrong, though. Here are a couple of clips from the show.

And also.

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