Disceez from Worx Toys are the Perfect Summertime Toys to Fling

Disceez LEGO Flyer

Worx Toys sent me a sample Disceez to play with and review. Opinions are my own.

I’m a bit ashamed to say that I’ve had this toy in my possession for quite a while and I can’t believe it has taken me so long to open it up. When Worx pitched me on the toy I was excited because there are a ton of great designs and I immediately saw the brick design that would be perfect to talk about on Built from Bricks. The design is actually called Play Well and it has a rarity level of low. These are collectibles. There are 24 designs in the first year’s wave and next year they will be retired and there will be 24 more new ones. These are actually affordable to collect at $6 each. Taking a look at Amazon.com (Affiliate Link) I see that they are actually up in price because they are collectible.

Regardless of how collectible they are their play-ability is excellent. These are 13cm soft flexible flying discs that are safe for impact indoors and out. You can squish it up and put it into your pocket to take it anywhere. Just like you see in my video below.

@disceez are soft and portable. So fun to throw. #ad

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Andrew and I went out today to Capron Park so that he could play on the playground and so we could check out the Disceez. I wasn’t sure how well he would do with it. I didn’t know exactly what it would be like but once I opened the package (great packaging, too by the way. Once opened it I knew this would be a winner with Andrew. It was super soft and flexible. It flew far with minimal effort and it was super easy to catch. Andrew and I were able to toss it back and forth to each other easily and he caught it often. We weren’t as good as the folks in the video below but we did well.

Like I said, there are many designs to choose from and I would love to get a couple of the Stars and Stripes ones to fling around on the Fourth of July. New Wave is also a fun design. We’ll be playing with this all Summer long.

Andrew and his favorite Disceez

Disceez Takes Off!
Worx Toys Reinvents The Thing To Fling

Toronto, ON – (May 18, 2018) – Worx Toys just reinvented “disc play” with eez. If you thought every flying disc was the same, think again. See and feel the new Disceez and realize how this new lightweight flexible flying disc just made a classic game of catch so much cooler and eez-ier.

Disceez (MSRP $5.99) is a soft silicone, portable flying disc that can be played indoor and outdoor. It’s specifically designed so that anyone can throw it accurately and catch it with ease due to a unique proprietary technology. Best of all they come in a variety of cool, collectible designs to match any personality and style.

“It’s the coolest thing to fling,” Gene Khasminsky, president of Worx Toys, said. “The best part about Disceez is that now anyone can play, anytime and anywhere. It’s the most versatile product we’ve ever created and it’s bringing a new level of excitement to disc play.

What makes Disceez special compared to other flying discs is that it is eez-y (like the name says). Disceez float smoothly on a current of air and self-correct from imperfect throws. It’s easier to fling Disceez straighter and farther and the soft silicone structure is more comfortable to catch than other discs. They also store neatly in your pocket that means you play with them more because they are always with you.

The unique design of Disceez (5.0″ circle x 0.5” thick) allows the discs to go long distances smoothly thanks to a proprietary thin membrane technology that allows the disc to float effortlessly, thanks to an outer ring design that carries the inertia over long distances. Disceez is unique in that it is self-stabilizing. “Even if thrown badly by younger or less experienced users, Disceez adjusts for more controlled flights,” Khasminsky said.

“We launched Disceez at the trendy Surf Expo earlier this year and the reaction from retailers was outstanding. What we didn’t expect was how quickly we would receive reorders. We are now on back order waiting for the next shipment to arrive,” Khasminsky explained. “Consumers bought multiple discs at a time. The designs have broad market appeal but it’s the performance that has people coming back for more.”

Worx immediately went into overdrive to meet the demand and expanded the line to 24 unique styles for 2018, that means that there is a Disceez to match any personal style. “Each one is like a unique work of art so we are treating them as such by producing each design in limited numbers. We will discontinue the current assortment at the end of the year and have an all new (Series 2) set of designs for 2019. The designs will always be fresh, evolving and collectible,” Khasminsky said.

“Disceez are also an easy way to get kids away from screens and engage in fun active play,” Khasminsky explained. “While developing Disceez, I witnessed how my own kids were having so much fun flinging them around the house, off walls and at each other and since they don’t hurt on impact it’s all in good fun. It’s a great activity for all ages; gets people moving; socializing; and developing hand-eye coordination. My youngest, who always struggled with coordination has quickly developed ‘cat like’ reflexes, able to catch these fast moving objects out of the air with such ease. It’s amazing to watch him develop in such a short time.”

For more information about Disceez and where to purchase, visit www.disceez.com. A special video is also available on YouTube.

About Worx Toys:

Disceez is latest lifestyle brand established by Worx Toys. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Worx Toys was founded in 2010 with a mission to offer children an assortment of fun, engaging products that encourage activity, social interaction and explore the common curiosities about the world around them. The company continues to expand in several toy categories with broad appeal to multiple age groups while ensuring parent confidence. Disceez joins Worx’s other well-known brands, including Bo-Po (brush-on-peel-off nail polish); Digi-Nails; Micro Fuelers; and Pillow Wars. For more information on the company, visit www.worxtoys.com and interact with the company on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. For Disceez specific social media: Instagram (Disceez) and YouTube (Disceez).

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