Diversion: Reno 911 online games

With the release of the Reno 911! Miami The Movie Unrated DVD there are 4 fun online games you can play at the Reno 911! Miami The Movie DVD page. So far I have played two of the games, I played the Midnight Shootout game where you are given your weapon, view a scene for 5 seconds then blindfolded and then you have ten rounds to unload, don’t hit any civilians. This was a fun game because you can hit a bunch of things that you don’t see and get extra bonus points. At the end you get a rocket launcher and basically wreak havoc on downtown Miami.

The game that I am playing today is called Calling All Units. I picked this one because it looked like a fun little way to distract myself. You are in a patrol car that has the worst handling ever, I believe they say something about it handling like it was driving through warm fudge. So it is hard to control. You have to cruise through the city grid to get to different crimes. But along the way you cause all sorts of property damage. I have played so many times and have yet to finish the day. I just keep getting fired. And when I don’t cause too much damage I run out of energy. You have to catch donuts to increase your energy. The game is pretty fun, keep at it and you will eventually win. Of at least get close to that. My salary at the end of play was $4700.00, the cost to the city for my rampant destruction was $133000.00 and my busting Bonus was $7000.00.

I choose this game because the Reno 911! Miami The Movie has some interesting car chase scenes and the guys int he film are terrible drivers. The game reflects this terrible ability and is very fun to play.

As far as the movie the Reno 911! team is called into Miami because a terrorist attack goes down during the National Police Convention. The Reno team is called in to help. Those folks must be desperate. There are many of the crazy antics that you have come to expect from Reno 911, but this is on a much grander scale with more powerful weapons.

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