DIY: 3D Digital Photography at Glatzland

I learned about Phil Glatz and his DIY rig for taking 3D digital photos. I thought to myself, as I watched the episode of the Scobel Show: Photowalking 5: Thomas Hawk takes us around Sacramento Train Museum, Part I, here is a guy who is brilliant. Phil took two inexpensive Kodak cameras, made a rig for them and can now take digital images that he can make 3D.

Phil details his project on his blog in a post titled Dimensional photography on the cheap. In that post you can learn how to make your own rig, where to get the 3D software and you can find other great 3D photography tips.

Phil also has a gallery of his 3D images. There is a gallery of images from that Scobel Show. The gallery is titled At the Railway Museum.

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