Web Comic: Dog Eat Doug

Dog Eat Doug

This wonderful web comic, that has made it into some mainstream newspapers as well, is about a baby, Doug, and a Chocolate Lab, Sophie. What I love about this comic is that Sophie does all the talking (or rather thinking) and Doug, well Doug just is. Doug is a cute baby who is usually the foil in Sophie’s elaborate plans for treats or cheese.

The comic has been around for a while now and has a good archive of strips. The jokes are funny and the art is superb. I love reading this each day and on Sundays there are color strips. If you have children and dogs or not you will probably still enjoy Dog Eat Doug.

And what is really important is that Brian is writing a Children’s book based on the adventures of Doug and Sophie! I can’t wait to get that book and read it to Baby Eva.

Also because of this strip I got a very special product that the Read To Me, Dad readers will enjoy hearing about. My review of the product the Baby Sherpa Diaper Backpack will be up in November (after I have done some field testing with Eva), however I can tell you without a doubt that I have the product in hand and it is a must have for you Dad’s (and moms) out there who want a do everything diaper bag that doesn’t look like a man purse. I have a promo code for my readers that you can use to get free shipping on your order. The Promo code is Benspark07 and it is good until January 1st 2008.

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