Dogs By The Water

Photo-A-Day #2666

Today I went to Scituate Harbor to have some Pearl Hot Dogs at Harbor Dogs. Day 26 of National Hot Dog Month 2012 Tour and this was the most picturesque of all the locations. I got there early and even walked around the Scituate Lighthouse. The weather was threatening to rain the whole time and it was overcast but it made for good photos. I have a whole photo set on the Hot Dog Stories Facebook Page. #NHDM12 – Day 26 – Harbor Dogs – Scituate, MA

After the trip to Harbor Dogs I headed home and played a little with Eva and Andrew. We got ready for a visit from our friends Neil and Andrea.

Tonight was a tough night with Eva. She has been having a tough time with me going to all these Hot Dog joints for the month in that I am not home as much. She’s 4 1/2 so she doesn’t understand. She only understands that I am not home and I am not spending time playing with her. She does not understand that because of the job I have so much more time to spend with her than other dads have with her kids. But she’s 4 1/2 so it is tough to get through to her. Putting her to bed after staying up late to see Neil and Andrea she wanted me to spend more time with her and I felt she was dragging out bedtime. I think it was a little from Column A and Column B.

Once I got her to bed we had a nice time with Neil and Andrea. Allison made grilled pizzas for us and Andrea brought a delicious salad with tons of toppings. We had a nice conversation and enjoyed their company, it was nice to have some grown up conversation for a change.

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