Dona Nobis Pacem

“Give us Peace” is what Dona Nobis Pacem means. You can listen to the tune and read the lyrics , they are in Latin.

Today is a day to ask for peace in the world. Bloggers from all over are displaying their Peace globes on their blogs in a global solidarity stance on Peace. I’ve created a Peace Globe for each Blog. I was alerted to this by Mimi and this is her post on Dona Nobis Pacem, Mimi;s story is very a very beautiful tale. She also started working with Peace Globes back in November, 12 2006.

Many bloggers are participating, if you are then leave me a comment and let me know the address to your post about Peace Globes.

As far as my personal thoughts on peace, I have been influenced by the music of Ellis Paul (myspace), Christopher Williams (myspace), Mark Errelli (myspace), and Vance Gilbert (myspace) to name a few. These are people who’s music speaks to peace in the world. Take a listen and you will be inspired. Especially listen to Mark Errelli’s The Only Way, Ellis and Vance covered this song so well too. Ellis has a great song called 9 months to fix the world, having a child on the way that songs speaks strongly to me. And Ellis’ song Autobiography of a Gun is very interesting.

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