When I got married my wedding shirt had French cuffs. This was great because I could wear some cufflinks that were my Great Uncles. Being able to have a family heirloom with me on that special day was very important. I have noticed that a few people that I work with also wear French Cuffs on a daily basis. I have been thinking about getting some of them for myself . But if I do I will need some Silver Cufflinks to go with my shirts and suits. At Tateossian.com I can find many different modern and classic style cufflinks.

These cufflinks are luxury items but I think a great pair of cufflinks can really pull an outfit together. When I was taking a look around the website I found that in addition to the unusual, fashion-forward but timeless cufflinks there were also novelty cufflinks and animal cufflinks. And all of the cufflinks are made with high quality materials which important if I was to pass on my cufflinks as an heirloom someday.

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