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Drive – Last night we experienced another fast paced episode of Drive. This show is a an interesting mix of Survivor, The Amazing Race, Lost and the Cannonball run all rolled into one slick package.

Last week we saw our hero Alex Tully get a new car, his old car actually a 1972 Dodge Challenger. We also found out that Alex used to be part of a bank robbery gang. He agave all that up and tried to put his past behind him. Well, I think we know why Alex was pulled into the Race. This week Alex was the most improved driver so he gets to take a detour to pull ahead of all other drivers by 750 miles, after he completes a certain task. Tully says go for it Corinna says no. They go for it.

Winston and Sean Salazar follow Alex and Corinna. And it is a good thing because the task that Alex must perform is to rob a bank to get a specific safety deposit box. They pull this off but not without casualties. Sean kills a security guard and Sean also happens to get shot by the security guard’s gun. This happened while alex was struggling with the guard.

Rob finds out that Ellie trashed all his mail from the army and has been deleting his messages. Rob also finds that he is AWOL and can be found a deserter and executed for deserting during wartime. Things are not going well in that car.

John and Violet Trimble were in the show for mere moments. John’s illness is catching up with him and he is still hiding it from his daughter.

Ivy and Wendy are at odds because Wendy must return to protect her son and Ivy pulls a gun on Wendy demanding that she keep driving. Wendy refuses and we learn that Ivy cannot drive.

Susan and Leigh show up to the drive in and they are out of the race. Mr. Bright confiscates the cell phone. Undeterred Susan and Leigh continue on and try to get back into the race. They see Rob and Ellie’s car as Rob tosses out the cell phone. Susan and Leigh stop and pick up the discarded cell phone. They are back in the race. This doesn’t last long as a giant truck rams them off the road. Susan and Leigh spin in the tiny car over and over but are slightly hurt. The truck then smashes them again.

Susan dies and Leigh is determined more than ever to get back into the race and win. She hitches a ride and heads to the Appomattox Court House in Virginia.

We end on Alex dropping Winston and Corinna at a motel while he goes to find help for the dying Sean Salazar.

Heroes: %0.07

We see Linderman make an offer to Nathan and we see a revelation of Nathan’s future. This comes in the form of a painting that was done by Issac. We also learn that Linderman has the power to heal things. Interesting that the character who is designated as the big bad has the ability to heal. Very interesting.

Peter and Sylar face off, Sylar kills Peter with shards of glass but Mohinder knocks Sylar out and escapes with Peter’s body. Mohinder brings Peter to the Petrelli House and he is greeted by Nathan and Peter’s mother. We also have Claire in the house and we learn that Grandma Petrelli may have powers, but we do not learn what they are.

Claire finally meets her father, Nathan Petrelli, and she removes the glass from Peter’s head and Peter comes back to life. Claire apparently is being shipped off to France.

Hiro and Ando are 5 years in the future. The final moments of the show were cool where Future Hiro and present Hiro in the future meet. Hiro and Ando go looking for Mr. Issac at his apartment, there we see a timeline, but it is not a line, the information is strung out all over the room. It looked to me like multiple paths for the same reality, or it could be how all the events are intertwined together. By the way, Future Hiro is not happy to see his past self.

Issac is killed by Sylar. He is nailed to the floor by his paintbrushes. Sylar has Issac’s ability at the end of the show and we see Sylar paint the same painting that Nathan Petrelli now has from Linderman. The painting style of Sylar reflects the evil nature of the character.

We also see Matt Parkman escape with H.R.G. and Ted the nuclear guy. H.R.G. is revealed to only be some sort of middle manager and this tickles Parkman to no end. We learn that Ted can not only go radioactive but he can produce an EMP. The scenes between H.R.G. and Matt were some of my favorite ones.

We also see the shape shifter attempt to trick H.R.G. and then succeed in tricking Micah. Linderman no has Micah and Jessica/Nikki are not going to be pleased.

Heroes is back and the story was worth the weight, just disappointed that we only have 4 more episodes till the end of the season.

Till next time This is what He Said.

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