Easter 2012

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Today was a wonderful Easter with the family. I got home from work and went straight to may parent’s house to drop off the Easter baskets and all of the eggs that I had filled the night before, at work. My co-workers asked if I was setting up an egg hunt for them. I think that maybe next year I get some big eggs and fill them with liquor nips and hide those around the office or outside for a 3am egg hunt.

So I finished putting everything out at the house when Allison and the kids arrived for Church. We went over to Mass and it was a nice ceremony. There were tons of little kids including one little guy who was about 1 or so, he was standing up smiling at us and proudly announced, “I peed!” It was pretty funny, things are always funnier in Church because you are not “supposed” to laugh. Andrew was adorable and he even feel asleep in my arms. If we weren’t jammed in like sardines it would have been perfect. I just love the feeling of a sleeping child in my arms.

Andrew with Grandfather

After Church we headed over to my parent’s house. Eva took charge, as usual. She was patient though because she did not go right for the eggs. She did a surveillance run but did not start collecting. Dad set up 60 eggs in the house and I set up about the same amount outside in the yard. This is Eva’s last year to dominate the egg hunt as the solo competitor though. Next year Andrew’s going to be in the game. I did my tradition of filling some eggs with Hot Wheels cars and Eva still enjoys that.

Eva Searching for Eggs

Before we ate, dad took some photos of Allison, Eva Andrew and me in the backyard. Then we took a few photos of me holding Andrew on Dad’s motorcycle and then Allison shoot a couple of Me, Dad and Andrew.

We had a nice breakfast. Allison made egg cups, Tara made a quiche and more, there was fruit and Portuguese sweet bread. Breakfast was great.

After breakfast Eva got to go and look for eggs. She did a pretty good job but completely missed the cushions of the couch because when we looked there later there was a stash of about 8 eggs. I guess that they all fell there while Dad was filling them up.

Auntie Shelby and Auntie Tara with Eva

Eva went from the inside hunt to the outside hunt. She and Auntie’s Tara and Shelby searched the front yard for the eggs that I left out there. They weren’t fast enough because a squirrel found one of the eggs. I imagine that some squirrel is panicking because it has a mouth full of chocolate and caramel.

Sneaky Determined Squirrel

Eva then took all of her eggs and emptied them out into a bucket. She made out like a little bandit. We opened our Easter baskets as well as birthday cards and gifts for me. Allison found me the last two Skylanders that have been released, Zook and Lightning Rod. Now we are just waiting on the last three figures and we’ll have them all.

After that I had to leave to get some sleep before work. I got home and fell asleep hard. Allison woke me at five of six, I completely missed my alarm, but now that I’m sleeping with earplugs I sleep so well.

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