EBook Review: Heart of Mars

I was able to download a copy of Chuck Rosenthal’s latest ebook: Heart of Mars. Chuck Rosenthal is the author of such novels as Loop’s Progress, Experiments With Life and Deaf, Loop’s End, Elena of the Stars, Jack Kerouac’s Avatar Angel: His Last Novel, My Mistress, Humanity and Never Let Me Go (memoir).

I have begun reading Heart of Mars and it looks to be a very interesting novel indeed. For one this the novel is part fiction, part fantasy, part mystery and seems to partly serve as warning to our own dependence upon machines. I will be continuing to read more about this book but so far from what I have read of The Heart of Mars by Chuck Rosenthal I have enjoyed. I like the way that the book introduces the reader to the world that Rosenthal has created. Learning the back story of such worlds is important to engage the reader. Rosenthal does this very well. The descriptions of and explanations for things and the way life is within this world are very engaging. I look forward to reading more of this story.

So far I know that a Utopian society has been created but things may not be as Utopian as they seem. And Mars is inhabited. The book has a fantastic and cautionary tale of the future contained within it. I am eager to continue reading this book.

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