Ed Emberley’s Halloween Drawing Book

When I was a kid I loved the Ed Emberley drawing books. I would always get them from the library. The other day I made a purchase through Amazon.com and saw that if I spent just a bit more I would get free shipping. So I saw on my Amazon.com Wish List that I had a couple of Ed Emberley books on it, so I added them to the order. They just arrived.

I used the Ed Emberley’s Halloween Drawing Book to make that black cat looking werewolf. Man, if I had had a computer and Photoshop and a scanner when I was 10 years old I can just imagine the fun I would have had with those books. Well, maybe my kids will enjoy them as much as I did, someday.

I have begun the Ed Emberley book collection for my future children. who knows maybe someday they can become talented artists.

The Collection now contains.

Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Animals
Ed Emberley’s Halloween Drawing Book
Ed Emberley’s Christmas Drawing Book

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