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I post for PayPerPost from time to time and it has been a good way to supplement some income as well as pay for my blogging expenses (hosting and whatnot). I’ve been with PayPerPost for almost a year actually and it has been great. However, I have learned about how to be a better blogger through trial and error and mistakes and also good accomplishments. You, my friend, don’t have any reason to make those mistakes because now there is PayPerPost University.

With PayPerPost University you can learn the ins and outs of being the best Postie possible. But PayPerPost University isn’t just for Posties. No sir, it is also for Advertisers. As an Advertiser PayPerPost University is going to show you the best ways to create opportunities that Posties will flock to. There are tutorials, some best practices materials and also a F.A.Q.

Here is an example of a tutorial that is narrated by the ever talented Veronique of Customer Love.

This tutorial explains step by step how to create a PPP Direct campaign. It is a tutorial for both Posties and Advertisers. As an Advertiser you can see PPP Direct widgets on different Postie blogs, *ahem* like this one, see it there on the left. Go ahead, click it. I have made a custom widget because I am serious about doing PPP Direct opportunities and I go the extra mile with your opportunity.

PayPerPost University is small at the moment but at least it shows Posties and Advertisers some great step by step tutorials and there is even a section for Best Practices for Posties. I see PayPerPost University as something that will become more of a driving resource for both Posties and Advertisers to help each other come up with the best campaigns and blog posts possible.

Some things I would like the PayPerPost University to help with would be tutorials by Posties on different topics. Not just videos of Posties doing funny things, the Posties are smart people and could contribute to the PayPerPost University. They already contribute much to the PayPerPost Forum. I’d like to see some of that knowledge from the Forum make it over to PPP University. For instance, add Postie responses to the F.A.Q. about being a Postie. Obviously they would have to be approved by PPP before they could go to the wider world but seeing F.A.Q. responses from Posties would be nice, And maybe a section called Ask An Advertiser. That might give insight into the various campaigns that are being run.

All in all I think that the PayPerPost University has the potential to be a great resource. Keep up the innovative work PayPerPost.

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