Edward G. Lambert Insurance Christmas Party

Edward G. Lambert Insurance Christmas Party
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Allison has been doing some working three days a week. She works for my best friend Neil at the Edward G. Lambert Insurance Agency. Ed passed away nearly a year ago and Neil has taken over the business. A couple of months ago Allison was brought on to help out with a large data updating task. I think this has worked out very well for all parties involved.

Tonight was the company Christmas party which we celebrated at Cafe Porto Bello in downtown North Attleboro. It is important to keep things local, support local businesses and the local economy especially in these ever increasingly difficult economic times.

We had a wonderful meal. I actually got the same dish I had the last time I was at Cafe Porto Bello which was chicken wrapped around prosciutto and mozzarella in a mushroom sauce. It was delicious and Allison got the same thing. We also had great conversation and many entertaining stories about everything. Stories about Ed, stories about finding boats in insurance salvage yards and so many other things. It was a very nice evening.

The Sears Gift Card promotion is in full swing. I cannot believe how many people are entering this contest. I thought that BenSpark’s Big Box of Awesome! (winner to be announced tomorrow) was a big contest but this Sears one is a BIG contest. And so many people are entering with such great things that they would do, even people who have fallen on hard times themselves are looking to help others. They are really getting the spirit of the season as well as spirit of the contest.

The Nokia Chronicles folks asked for my feedback today. Oh I had feedback to give. Be on the lookout for a thought provoking post on that subject. Weigh in and let me know if my statements yesterday were based in reality or not.

Here is another shot I took on the way out of the restaurant.

Lights and Statue

I was playing with the lights again.

Also I read this interesting article on LifeHacker today about an Easter Egg on Flickr where you can add a note to someone’s photo that adds a Santa beard or Santa hat. All you do is create a note on the image that says ho ho ho hat to get the hat, it is resize-able and ho ho ho beard to get the resize-able beard. I did this to two of my photos from this past weekend. One of me and Transformers, and one of Allison, Eva and Santa.

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  1. So you had the Italian version of chicken cordon bleu . I have to tell you after having mom’s tuna casserole for dinner my mouth was watering with even that short description of your dinner.

    lennys last blog post..BACON, BACON, BACON

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