Ellis and Flynn at TCAN

Last night Allison and I went to The Center for the Arts in Natick (TCAN) to see Ellis Paul and opener Flynn. The Center for the Arts in Natick is in an old firehouse in downtown Natick, MA. It is really a nice place to see a concert. The concert was sold out too.

Ellis was being filmed for something, not sure what exactly but I think that is why he was really working the storytelling angle last evening, which is one of the things I really like about Ellis, his stories, so I was happy.

Flynn was also wonderful with the solid four songs that we’ve seen him do before, his storytelling is also wonderful. The concession stand was a little sparse, nothing like The Dessert Club’s. However they did have Boylan Bottling Company products. Allison has a root beer and a ginger ale, I stuck with grape soda because I love grape soda.

The bottle itself was awesome, many special touches, painted labels, raised reliefs on the bottle itself. And the bottle caps were cool too, when I get home I’ll be scanning one to put up, look at the to left. That was the good.

The not so good was bobblehead woman who was sitting in front of us with her blockhead husband. We all know my luck with picking seats, but this time it was in the fate’s hands, as the seats were assigned.

On our side of the room the was a door directly behind us, and it kept opening with people coming in and out. This caused light to come in each time. Well, every time this happened BHW (BobbleHead Woman) would turn around and stare at the door or whoever came through the door as if her Bobbleheadedness would stop the door from opening and closing. I unfortunately was in her line of vision each time she swiveled around, so it was like she kept turning and looking at me, very unnerving.

I did laugh each time, though, because here was this woman who was wound so tightly that I thought that at any time her head would explode from sheer hoighty-toity-ness.

I also had the misfortune of sitting behind BHW’s blockhead husband, literally his head was one big giant block. And, it was as if he could sense my every movement to see the stage. I would move left, he would move left, I would switch to the right, he would counter my actions like a dog fighter pilot, always anticipating my next move. Needless to say I had many moments where I uttered the phrase to myself, “Must…control…fist…of death.”

But after the break I switched to an empty seat next to Allison and enjoyed the rest of the show with a great view. However, the poor woman behind me didn’t have such a great view anymore, but hey she saw act one unobstructed so I don’t feel that bad.

The next show we are going to see is once again at The Dessert Club. It is on May 8th and is with folk singer Don White. Don is a Lynn native. Check out his website to find out more about his interesting life. Allison has his Live from Michigan CD, it is very funny. If anyone would like to come with us to see Don White at The Dessert Club with us please let us know. We would love to make an evening out of it, dinner and a show, you know. Make sure that you leave room for dessert, the best brownies ever are at the The Dessert Club.

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