Emonetized.com schooled me with the Affiliate Outline

The other day I thanked Deb of Chattygal.com for her donation towards helping my friend Maureen out with her financial woes brought on by the Marriott Renaissance Orlando. Deb’s husband Tim also donated to help Mo in return for a blog review from me.

Tim has a number of online ventures however the main focus of this review is on Tim’s blog Emonetized.com. Tim understands that making money online is a journey. If you are like me and you want to start off that journey on the right foot then you are going to need a guide. Tim offers a free affiliate marketing eBook on his blog that is a nice help to get you, and me, started. Tim has been doing this a long time and his information in the eBook is very helpful (I read the entire thing). I learned quite a bit from the book and Tim includes from code sot hat you can implement from very helpful tools like Squeeze Pages (I had no idea what they were called). If you would like a small taste of what you can expect from the eBook and Tim’s writing style then you might want to read some of his past posts.

There are a ton of affiliate networks but Tim gives you a nice list of what he considers the Top Affiliate Networks. One thing that I’ve been working with lately was the ability to hide your affiliate links. And it is not hiding them from you, as you know I put (aff or make the link italicized to make you aware it is an affiliate link) hiding the links more for hiding from people who would like to steal my revenue (as piddly as it is 🙂 ). Tim has a good post about options for Hiding Your Affiliate Links.

Tim’s knowledge and expertize plus proven record or earnings makes him someone to listen to. His willingness to help others makes him someone to admire. Once again I think both Tim and Deb for their help and I hope you make it worth their time and go visit their blogs. You can also catch up with Tim on Twitter and his Facebook Fan page.

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9 thoughts on “Emonetized.com schooled me with the Affiliate Outline”

  1. Great post Drew. I was able to get to know Tim and Deb a lot better at Ad:Tech New York, and everything you speak about them is 100% true. Tim is extremely knowledgeable about the affiliate marketing industry and I’m so happy he has decided to go ahead with his blog full force (because he has TONS of valuable info to share.).

    As far as Deb, she is smart, witty, and extremely personable. She also shares a lot of cool stuff on her blog (ChattyGal.com) such as info on dieting, exercising, being a mom, cool products and recipes etc…

    It’s very inspiring to see how hard these two are working towards growing their brand and I definitely see them being big players in the Blogosphere very soon!
    .-= Look at what Eric Schechter wrote blog ..Halloween Takes Over The Clickbooth Office =-.

    1. Eric,
      I completely agree and hope to spend some time talking with them more at ASW10, if they will be there, I hope they will be there.

    1. Tim,
      That is great, it would be nice to get a chance to chat with you and Deb for a while. My wife Allison is coming with me on this trip. Thanks again for such generosity.

    1. Mo,
      Tim jumped right int with Deb to help. They are really nice people and Tim is a great resource for bloggers and affiliates alike.

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