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Photo-A-Day #1877

We had a really nice day on the Cape. I woke up at 5:00am. Well, actually I did not wake myself up, Eva woke us up right first thing at 5:00am. Eva came to bed with us and rather than lay there and try not to move too much I got out of bed and went for a run. Yeah, you heard me right, a run. I have started to do the Couch to 5K program. I downloaded the app on iTunes and it is great. I love that I don’t have to do any looking at a watch. I wait for three little dings and then the command to “walk” or “run”. The morning on the Cape was wonderful too because at 5:00am the moon was still up and that was in front of me and if I spun around I could see the sun rising on the day ahead.

Eva was over the moon to be down the Cape hanging out with Memere and Grandfather. The things that she comes up with are hilarious. She spent much of the day entertaining everyone around the house. She also had a nice day because she got a bunch of fun things today. We picked up a new set of sheets for her bed here at the Cape. She even got a new potty seat and a stepstool. She was thrilled with those things.

We unfortunately had to run back to Walmart to return the sheets because we got Toddler Bed sheets and the set was missing the pillowcase. Walmart got some freshly laundered sheets though because we didn’t realize all of this until after everything was washed.

Photo Information

Date Taken:May 29, 2010
Camera: Motorola
Model: Droid
ISO: 45
Exposure: 1/1429sec
Aperture: 2.8
Focal Length: N/A
Flash Used: No
Software: Default Camera
Lens: Default Camera

The day was pretty nice all day long. I helped my Dad put some new flooring up to into the attic. Dad’s been working like crazy on the attic and it looks incredible. I can only imagine how good it will look once the new floor is down. I’ll have to get some shots of his work. He’s been taking shots as he does along too, great historical shots for documentation. Dad found a horseshoe in the walls when he was redoing the attic, nails still in it, too. he’s found some interesting things in the walls of houses that he has renovated over the years. In this one he also found an old letter that we got framed. He likes to put a newspaper in the walls so that the next person who renovates a place that he worked on will find that newspaper and know when the renovations were done by him. When he renovated our bathroom we found one of those newspapers.

We did get to go over to the beach for a little bit and Eva started picking up shells and rocks for her “found things” jar. That is what Allison calls it. We’ll bring down one of the empty vases that we have and she can fill it up with things she finds on the beach.

Tomorrow we’ll be taking Eva for her first kayaking trip. Expect some good photos.

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