Enough of Me to Cuddle

Photo-A-Day #2989

We spent day two of our vacation in the Mall because Mimi wanted to spoil us. She got me a couple new pairs of shorts. I’m not a good shopper at a department store specializing in clothes and such. I hardly ever buy new clothes. I do not enjoy any thing about the experience. I hate trying on new clothes, it always feels weird. But if someone buys me clothes I generally have no problem just wearing them. My mom, my sisters, Allison and her mom, they all pick out great stuff for me. So I’m content to wear clothes that I like till they fall apart on me.

We did spend a long time in the mall overall. The kids got some great new clothes and then we had lunch in the food court and then Eva got an Ice Cream sandwich from DQ, part of her kids meal. Andrew has a new word and that is cook-ah. He knows how to say cookie please. A combo of words and sign language got him a tasty messy treat from us.

After the messy snacks the kids got their faces wiped and we went to the Disney Store. Eva was picking out a toy for her graduation and Andrew got one too. Eva and Allison ran to the bathroom and I watched Andrew. While we waited I sat down and handed him the stuffed Disney princesses over and over. He had fun cuddling with them. He ultimately chose a fun monster named Art from Monsters University. Eva chose some stuffed peas (we’re all scratching our heads on that one) and we convinced her to pick out two fun books about little girls who end up in Neverland. She loves to read and she got a bunch of chapters read to her last night from Grandpa Dano.

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