Epic Drobot

Photo-A-Day #2502

Skylander has become my favorite video game ever. I love how each character has so many powers and you can decide to upgrade each characters specific abilities. For instance each character has a melee attack and a ranged attack. You can decide to improve your ranged attack and game play goes one way or you can do your melee attack and game play is completely different.

My favorite character is Drobot. What is more awesome than a robot dragon. He can fly, shoot buzzsaws and has laser eyes. I’m working on getting him even more upgraded by doing the Heroic Challenges, too. Each character can perform 32 different Heroic Challenges and improve their speed, critical hits, and armor. I should have enough time to get them all fully upgraded before Skylanders: Giants comes out this fall. At Toy Fair 2012 Activision announced this new game and I am so excited to play it.

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