Episode #1 Of the Photo-A-Day Podcast

At Affiliate Summit East Daniel M. Clark, Joe Magennis, Trisha Lyn Fawver and Lisa Picarille did a great job motivating me to create a podcast. I’ve gone and made the first one but have no idea how to use PowerPress and where to upload the file so that it can go to iTunes. So, the video is on YouTube and Vimeo at the moment.

Episode #1 Photo-A-Day Podcast from BenSpark on Vimeo.

For over Five Years I have been taking a photograph every single day. I’ve used Kodak, Canon, Nikon, DROID, Sanyo, and many others to take these photos. Because I have so many I decided to go back through the collection and start posting them with commentary. I am looking for photographers who might like to talk with me and record a show via Skype. Contact me if interested. I can be found at BenSpark.com. Here are some of the links to the photos mentioned.

Photo-A-Day #1 – Motorcycle Photo

Photo-A-Day #2 – Statue of St. John

Photo-A-Day #3 – Snoopy Latch Hook

Photo-A-Day #4 – Oliver and Duncan

Photo-A-Day #5 – Trade Show Stupor

Photo-A-Day #6 – Ride to Ice Cream Machine

Photo-A-Day #7 – Magic Table

Photo-A-Day #8 – Oliver Napping

Photo-A-Day #9 – Signs of Spring

Photo-A-Day #10 – Cobra Garden

I’d appreciate any constructive Criticisms on the show, sponsorship inquiries or any photographer who wants to talk for 10-15 minutes via Skype for another show. Just use my Contact page above to reach me.

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6 thoughts on “Episode #1 Of the Photo-A-Day Podcast”

    1. Ankit,

      The table? Well, I guess that goes to show me that everyone has a different taste when it comes to photography. Thanks very much for taking the time to comment.

    1. Andy,
      That is the plan. I will try and get a couple episodes up each week and try to innovate and make them better each week. Set aside the time, you’re gonna need it.

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