Photo-A-Day #2260

It has been brought to my attention that this beluga is actually Naku, one of the females.Her behavior here is quite rare.

We had a really busy day today. Eva finished up her gymnastic and swimming classes in the morning then we drove to Mystic Connecticut because I’m doing a blogger review of the Hampton Inn in Mystic through Collective Bias. I’ll have that up in a few days. I could choose some place to go that was a Hilton property and figured that Mystic was a close enough drive and that we could go away for a relaxing time before the stress of closing on the house crushes upon us on Monday.

We drove down and once we arrived I had to do a call with the guys form Geek Dads Weekly. I stayed on for a while but Allison and Eva brought some Jake’s Way Back Burgers back to the room and I was starved. We ate lunch and then headed over to the Aquarium for a few hours. Eva really loved the Beluga whales. She took a bunch of photos of Juno, a male on loan from Sea World for breeding with Kela a female that lives at the aquarium. Juno kept coming to the big glass window and squeaking and making sounds. A couple of times Eva jumped but then I gave her one of my cameras and she took a bunch of photos of Juno.

Eva also made a friend and they toured the aquarium together for a while. She dragged this girl and her father with us to the Sea Lion show. We had a very nice time at the aquarium.

After we went to the Dog Watch Cafe for dinner. We enjoyed a delicious meal right by the water. After dinner we strolled up the dock and I took a bunch of photos and Eva took a few as well. We came back to the hotel to settle in for the night. I’m writing this as Eva snores softly on the pull out sofabed and Allison and I get ready to sleep. Tomorrow we hit the pool and the free breakfast including make your own waffles, Eva’s gonna love that.

I’ll have a set of our photos up as soon as I can. We took a bunch.

Here are the Photos that we took in Mystic, CT.

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4 Responses to “Eva and Allison Meet Juno, I mean Naku”

  1. Mo says:

    AWESOME photo!!!! Juno’s a camera ham!!! I’m happy to see you are getting away and having a fun family adventure! You all deserve it! I didn’t even realize it was for a blog review…I thought you were all Papa Day Pre-gaming! 🙂

    • Drew says:


      Juno would talk with Eva and she’d jump, it was so funny. I’ll do the review this weekend soon. It was so fun to go down for the mini drive-cation.

  2. AER says:

    That is actually Naku! She is rarely on that side of the exhibit, so that picture is extra special!