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I leave for my first work trip, since London this past October, tomorrow. I got tapped to help out with my previous group. They have a staffing shortage and I’m filling in one week in March and one in April. I’m pretty excited about getting back out on the road. Being in the office for so long has given me major stir crazy. I decided to take one of Eva’s stuffed animals with me to take some fun photos for her. Of course, I’ll be posting them her as the week progresses.

We had a nice morning. Eva and I slept pretty late, nearly 12 straight hours. We did a rush job of getting ready for Church at 8:00am because we were going with my parents and then to breakfast with them as well. Eva was very good in Church. She is exceptional in Church, for a two year old. She also made the people around us very entertained with her occasional antics.

After Mass we went down to Mackie’s for breakfast. Eva pulled out another one of her culinary experiments with Maple syrup and ketchup on her pancakes. I’m really starting to enjoy breakfast there too. So much so that I’ve become mayor of Mackie’s on Foursquare.

Today is the last day of February and after our first month going all cash and sticking to a budget we ended up with more money than month for the first time in so long. I was so excited I splayed out the money and sent a photo of it to our friend Bill who is running FPU. I asked him at the last class if there was a class for teens. I am very interested in facilitating this course to the Youth Group at Church.

You may not know this but when I went to college I went with the intent of becoming a Youth Minister. In High School I was part of a retreat team and I loved running retreats for kids my own age and younger. I was also part of a group of kids who started the youth group at my Church. I’ve wanted to get back and help out with the youth group. I just keep thinking that if I had known about managing money better as a kid and the dangers of credit I would be so much further ahead than I am now. That is why I am motivated to help those kids and see if they can get a major jump on their finances.

I’ve also gotten excited about having a plasectomy and shredding party. One of the tasks being in this class was to collect all the credit card offers that we get in the mail during the class period. I’m figuring that by the time the 15 weeks are done we’ll probably have pre-approved offers totaling over $200,000. I figure that adding up everyone’s offers we will get close to $2,000,000.00 in credit. So we’ll bring all those offers in, record how much we are pre-approved for and then shred everything. I’ll be taping it and sending the video to Dave Ramsey.

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6 thoughts on “EvaBear has her Traveling Hoodie on”

  1. Mom and I, as always, enjoyed the time with you and Eva. have a safe trip. Great idea about the class for teenagers.

    1. Dad,
      We had a very nice breakfast. Thank you again. The trip was fine today, long and pretty uneventful. but that is a good thing.

  2. Awww you have to bring Evabear to the shows when Evaboo can’t make it. I used to get a ton of credit card offers, now I only get ones from Southwest, but I get those at least 2x’s a week. Take a hint, I don’t want it! LOL
    .-= Look at what Dina wrote blog ..Test =-.

    1. Dina,
      I may have to do that, Maybe get photos of different people with Evabear. Good idea. Southwest ones come a lot and they are tempting because we take southwest to Florida and free tickets would be a good thing.

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